Conferences & papers

Title: Into the Streets: Day 1 – Session 1: Different ages of activism
Author: Dabarera, Natalie;
O’Grady, Dominic;
Cotterell, Chantel;
Jennings, Rebecca
Abstract: Reverse activism of younger lesbians – NatalieDabarera andChantel Cotterell.Citizen Glynn: an unemployed leather-loving gay rights advocate who gave us the Sydney Star Observer – Dominic O’Grady.

Chair: Rebecca Jennings

Description: A chant of the early gay & lesbian movement – “Out of the Closets & Into the Streets! Out of the Bars & Into the Streets!” provided the theme for a major conference held at the University of Technology, Sydney on Friday 24 & Saturday 25 September 2010.With the public announcement of the founding of Campaign Against Moral Persecution, or CAMP, in September 1970, John Ware and Christabel Poll became the first openly self-identified homosexuals in Australia. The consequences of their action went far beyond that of establishment of one organisation — it marked the beginning of a gay and lesbian movement in this country.This  conference explored the social, political and cultural background that led to the announcement, and its wider repercussions and consequences.Within a year of the formation of CAMP, an informal network of organisations had grown up around Australia. Other states too mirrored the split in the movement that took place with the formation of the (supposedly) more radical Gay Liberation groups, especially on university campuses, and the beginnings of an autonomous radical lesbian movement around Australia.
Date: 2010-09-24

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