Travel Writing

Dominic is the author of Out Around Sydney (Thomas Cook) and the founding editor and publisher of the Gay Australia Guide.

Dominic has also produced a Sydney Visitors’ Guide and a visitors’ guide to Tasmania and Queensland.

As founding editor of GTG Media, Dominic also produced full-colour magazines for travellers to Europe, America, and New Zealand.

Other samples of Dominic’s travel writing are available here (pdf) and below:

Dijon cuts the mustard

Destination: Dijon, France. Published by: Sunshine Coast Daily

It’s perfectly natural to associate Dijon with mustard. And while its excellent food and wine are reasons in themselves to make the 90-minute train trip from Paris, Dijon’s history and culture add extra dimensions to the experience. Here are 10 great reasons why Dijon more than cuts the mustard.
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When in Rome eat like a local
Destination: Rome, Italy. Published by: The Australian 


Puntarelle. I haven’t heard of it either until I sit down at Osteria Il Bocconcino, a restaurant I walk into in Rome on the strength of a Gambero Rosso sticker that I see on the window… Click here for more

Maria Island: Dream Destination
Destination: Tasmania, Australia. Published by: Australian Geographic


The climb to the top of Mount Bishop, the highest point on Tasmania’s Maria Island, is said to reward intrepid travellers with panoramic views. We take that on trust. Because the peak we’ve conquered today is a cloud-covered triumph. Read more…

Barra Fishing on Bullo River
Destination: Northern Territory, Australia. Published by: Tourism Australia


There’s a moment on the banks of the Northern Territory’s Bullo River when the tide turns and big fat barramundi are there for the catching. Read more… 

Sunset cruise in Nitmiluk
Destination: Northern Territory, Australia. Published by: Tourism Australia


A sunset cruise in Nitmiluk has it all. Beauty, mystery and romance fill this spectacular and ancient gorge, formed over 120 million years ago in the Northern Territory’s Nitmiluk National Park. Read more…

A walk on the mild side

Destination: Cinque Terre, Italy. First published by: The Sydney Morning Herald. Reproduced onine by Narrow Shoes.

Legend has it that many a love affair has blossomed along the Via Dell Amore – a narrow flagstone path linking the unbelievably gorgeous but little-known Italian fishing villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola. It must have been so for the unknown Romeo who carved questa e la via dell amore (this is the road of love) into the rock face at the path’s entrance. Read more…